Many Agents say that they save with Variety so they can give their children and grandchildren a wonderful Christmas. Not only does it allow them to buy the toys and gifts the children have written on their lists for Santa, but it also pays for extra things too, Christmas food, activities and much more.

Depending on how many gift cards and vouchers you order, you might have some left over to pay for your food shopping in January, which is always a bonus!

Heather Burns from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland has been a Variety Agent for five years. She says: “I love saving all year and then when the vouchers arrive you can buy what you want and have a stress free Christmas.”

It makes Christmas extra special

Heather adds: “The joy of seeing the children faces on Christmas morning and spending it with family and also knowing I have helped other people with sorting Christmas for their family too makes me so happy.”

So much choice

Our gift card and voucher range is so extensive now that you can shop in pretty much any shop and on any website, depending on the gift cards you order. Since we introduced Mastercard Gift Cards three years ago, they have been growing in popularity and we now offer £300 and £500 Mastercard Gift Cards.

Heather is a big fan. She says: “I love the Mastercard and One4all Gift Cards because of the variety of where you can spend them.”

You can shop in big stores with the Mastercard Gift Card or more local shops, from butchers to market stalls, farm shops to gaming cafes… you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. One Agent told us they used theirs to pay for their MOT!

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