Terms & Conditions

  1. In these Terms & Conditions of Trading, ‘Variety’ or ‘we/our’ means Variety Christmas Savings Club Ltd; and ‘Agent’ means any person ordering for themselves and/or their named customer(s). Variety reserves the right to request from or to obtain electronically in respect of any Agent such proof of identification, including age, as Variety may reasonably require.
  2. Variety do not EMPLOY, APPOINT or NOMINATE any Agent. All Agents are appointed by their own customers to act on their behalf. The Agent is not authorised to act on behalf of Variety. Therefore, Variety cannot be held responsible for any actions, omissions or conduct of the Agent, unless authorised in writing by Variety.
  3. Variety will provide the Agent with brochures, order forms, payment cards, accounts records and all stationery it deems necessary to run the Agency.
  4. The order forms must be completed by the customer and signed. After checking that they are complete, the Agent should send them to Variety. Variety will print a savings club card for each customer they receive an order form for, and send these back to the Agent. These cards must be given to the customers, and on receipt of each payment the Agent must enter the amount paid on the savings club card and initial it. The card is to be kept by the customer as a receipt of payment. The Agent must also make each customer aware of the Customers Terms & Conditions of Sale which are printed on the order form and on the savings club card.
  5. The Agent is responsible for the safety and security of all customers’ payments until sent to Variety. All customers’ payments shall be sent to Variety without delay; weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Proof of sending payment will be required should a dispute arise.
  6. Variety will provide all postage and all banking services it deems necessary to run the Agency.
  7. Upon receipt of each payment received by Variety, we will enter each customer’s payment separately onto a Variety database. Approximately every ten weeks a statement showing all the customers’ accounts will be sent to the Agent. Further statements can be sent to the Agent upon request.
  8. Variety will send all letters to the Agent and customers free of charge.
  9. Any changes to the names and addresses of the Agent or customers shall be notified in writing to Variety.
  10. All Vouchers and Gift Cards supplied by Variety are sold subject to the terms and conditions printed on, or referred to on, such Vouchers or Cards and/or in the brochure or relevant websites.
  11. Variety will deliver all the Vouchers and Gift Cards direct to the Agent when fully paid for by secure, insured delivery; e.g. Royal Mails Special Delivery Service. Upon receipt of the Vouchers and Gift Cards, the Agent will be responsible for their safety and security until they are given to their customers.
  12. Variety will ensure to give the Agent a percentage discount on all sales (hereafter known as ‘Commission’), as listed on the Agents Commission Rates pertaining at the time; providing that the final sales figure exceeds £2000 and that there has been no breach by the Agent of these Terms & Conditions of Trading.
  13. The Agent shall endeavour to have all their customers’ accounts fully paid and settled by the 1st November to avoid any delay in the despatch of all their Vouchers and Gift Cards.
  14. The Agent gives permission to Variety for a ‘Customer Due Diligence’ check to be made on them should this be required by any supplier.
  15. Payments placed with a UK bank, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Should that bank fail you authorise:
    • Variety to disclose your customers’ personal details (such as their name, address and payments) to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme; and
    • Variety to receive any sum to which your customers are entitled from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and thereafter apply such sum towards the fulfilment of their order.
  16. The Agent will indemnify Variety forthwith upon demand, and keep it indemnified against any loss, liability, damages, claims, costs and expenses whatsoever arising from a breach of these Terms & Conditions of Trading, including any demand from HM Revenue & Customs, or other competent authorised in connection with the Agency.
  17. All rights are reserved. The conditions above do not affect your statutory rights according to English Law. Any contracts entered into will be governed by English Law and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. You agree that we may amend these Terms & Conditions of Trading from time to time by placing a revised copy on our website.
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