Become a Variety Christmas Savings Agent

Make saving for Christmas your New Year’s resolution.

Your customers get to choose exactly which gift vouchers and cards they want, you collect their regular payments and send them on to us. Once they’ve fully paid by the 1st November, we’ll send out their gift vouchers and cards. It really is simple.

For those wanting their gift cards early, we can start sending them from mid-October.

Starting your Agency is simple, just follow these three easy steps…

1. Request a free Agency Starter pack

Once it arrives, you’ll be able to read our getting started guide, browse our catalogue and sign up either online or by post. There will be customer order forms for you to hand out to your friends and family too, and you can place their orders online or by post.

2. Hand out your payment cards

Once we’ve received your new agent form (online or by post), we will set you up as an Agent and give your customers their own unique number. We’ll send you a payment card for each of your customers for them to keep.

3. Start taking payments

There are lots of different ways your customers can make their payments. The most popular way is for your customers to pay into a separate bank account and then you transfer the money to us by logging into your account online and making the payment using your debit card. You can also make your payments by standing order, at the bank, at the post office, by cheque or over the phone.

With you every step of the way

Running an Agency couldn’t be easier, and we are here to give you all the help and support you need. We’ve been helping Agents just like you for over 40 years, and have so far helped over a million families to save for Christmas.

We will send you regular statements of your Agency throughout the year. This will show you each customer’s order value, the amount they have saved and the balance outstanding. It will also show how much commission you have earned. You can request a statement at any time or view one on your online account.

You are also able to manage your Agency online if you wish. By logging into your own Agency through our website, you will be able to view statements, make payments, order stationery and make amendments to accounts. Your unique PIN number to do this will be provided when we set up your Agency.