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How it Works

Before you begin your Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency, remember that it should be enjoyable to you, helpful to others, and of course financially rewarding!

The more you put into it… the more you’ll get out of it; and by that we don’t just mean the opportunity to earn yourself a fantastic cash bonus at Christmas! You will also gain immense satisfaction from knowing that you have helped all your family and friends to budget for Christmas the easy way; and you will have a ready excuse throughout the year to see them for a chat (or drink) when you collect their payments from them.

Starting your Agency is simple, just follow the three easy steps below.

Once we’ve received your first Order Forms, we will set you up as an Agent and give you your Agency Number which you will use on all future correspondence. We will also give each of your customers on your Agency their own unique number so you can manage their account separately from your other customers. We print their Payment Card with the information they have given on the Order Form, and send this to you along with a duplicate Accounts Sheet for your own records which will be filed in your Agents Ledger. Your customers can give you their savings by cash, cheque, or they can pay by debit card.

We will also send you a Payment Book for your Agency to send your customers savings to us. There are many ways that you can make payments towards your Agency, including… at a Post Office, Bank or Paypoint outlet; with a debit card either online or over the telephone; by sending cheques, and by Standing Order. All of these methods will be explained in more detail when you receive your Agency Payment Book.

We will send you regular statements of your Agency throughout the year. This will show you each customer’s order value, the amount they have saved, and the balance outstanding. It will also show your commission earned figure. You can request a statement at any time or view one on your online account.

You are also able to manage your Agency online if you have access to the internet. By logging into your own Agency through our website, you are able to view a recent statement, make payments, order stationery and make amendments to accounts. Your unique PIN number to do this will be provided when we set up your Agency.

Running an Agency couldn’t be easier, and we are here to give you all the help and support you need. We’ve been helping Agents just like you for over 35 years, and have so far helped over a million families to save for Christmas.

The more you put into it – The more you get out!

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  • Gift Card Intu Gift Card
  • Tesco Gift Card Argos Gift Card
  • Boots Gift Card Love2Shop Vouchers
  • Superdry Gift Card Love2Shop Gift Card
  • Asda Gift Card Morrisons Gift Card
  • Sainsbury’s Gift Card Marks & Spencer Gift Card
  • Primark Gift Card JD Sports Gift Card
  • Sports Direct Gift Card Arcadia Gift Card
  • Debenhams Voucher Debenhams Gift Card
  • The Entertainer Gift Card New Look Gift Card
  • By becoming an agent you can earn great commission and help friends and family too

    It's easy and we provide everything you need FREE

    Help others plan for Christmas

    Help your family and friends get organised for Christmas 2018 by starting your own Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency.

    Earn great Commission

    It pays to help others budget for Christmas. The more customers you have, the more commission you earn.

    More variety

    Our marvellous range of gift cards and vouchers can be spent in thousands of high street shops, supermarkets, and online too.

    A stress-free and debt-free Christmas

    Help yourself and your family to enjoy Christmas 2018 without money worries, by saving for it throughout the year.

    Follow these 3 simple steps to get started!

    Step 1

    Request a FREE Agents Starter Pack by clicking on the link below. Once you receive this pack you will find everything you need to start your successful Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency. Enclosed will be an easy to understand guide to running your Agency including a commission rates chart, Customer Order Forms, and the Gift Card & Voucher Selection Brochure.

    Step 2

    Visit your family and friends and tell them you are starting a Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency. Tell them about the benefits of getting organised and saving for a debt-free Christmas in advance. Show them the Gift Card & Voucher Selection Brochure, and help them pick which gift cards and/or vouchers would be best for them. Then ask them to complete the Customer Order Form with their selection, and choose their savings plan. Don’t forget to fill one in for yourself too!

    Step 3

    Post the completed Customer Order Forms to us in one of the Freepost envelopes provided in your Agency pack. Once we receive your first orders we will register you as an Agent, process your Customer Orders onto our computer system, and send you your Agency Wallet. This will contain your Agency Number, and everything else you will need to run your successful Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency.

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    So what’s in your Starter Pack?

    Contained within your Agents Pack will be everything you need to start your successful Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency and make Christmas 2018 a BIG success for you, your family and your friends. In your Pack will be…

    Agency Guide & Commission Table

    Agency Guide & Commission Table

    It is worthwhile reading this first as it contains helpful information on how to begin your Agency and make it a pleasure to run.

    2018 Gift Card and Voucher Selection Brochure

    2018 Gift Card and Voucher Selection Brochure

    Highlighting the fantastic selection of gift cards and vouchers that we have available, and where each one can be spent.

    Customer Order Forms

    Customer Order Forms

    Easy to fill in, just complete the boxes.

    Freepost Envelopes

    Freepost Envelopes

    Use for posting your Order Forms or Stationery Request Form back to us.

    Stationery Request Form

    Stationery Request Form

    When you need more of the items in the Pack, you can complete this form and post it to us, or email or telephone us with your requirements.

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    Top Tips

    To help get you started we’ve listed a few top tips
    on how to get more customers

    Tip 1

    Point out that with Variety’s fantastic gift card and voucher selection they can buy what they want, when they want, from the shops that offer the best value… it could be a bike, the latest mobile phone, a tablet or games console… virtually everything is possible to cover all their Christmas needs.

    Tip 2

    Remind them that all their Christmas food and drink shopping can be taken care of too with Variety’s choice of FOUR of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains. Traditional food and drink ‘hampers’ always contain items that are never wanted, and they offer poor value for money. With supermarket gift cards and vouchers, they have to option to choose what food and drink they want, and to shop for the best bargains and when to buy them.

    Tip 3

    Emphasise that Christmas will be easier if it is saved for throughout the year with small regular manageable amounts. This makes more sense than ‘forking out’ hundreds of pounds in the run up to Christmas and possibly relying on costly credit cards, overdrafts and loans to do it.

    Tip 4

    Point out that a lot of the gift cards can now be redeemed online, so they can do their Christmas shopping from the comfort of their own home at any time of the day or night.

    More tips
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    We are always here to help, just get in touch if you have any questions!

    0800 626876