If you’re thinking about starting to save for Christmas 2024 with Variety, you may have some questions that you’d like answering.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to become an Agent (help others save) please click here Request a FREE Agent Pack | Variety Christmas Savings Club (varietychristmasclub.co.uk)
If you would prefer to become an Individual Saver, please click here Become an Individual Saver | Variety Christmas Savings Club (varietychristmasclub.co.uk)

Can I just order for myself without starting an Agency?

Yes you can just order for yourself. Please click here to find out more and place your order >

Is there a minimum number of customers I need to start an Agency?

To be an Agent, you need at least one customer. Your total order value (including your own order and any customer orders) needs to be at least £1,500.

Is there a minimum value a customer needs to order?

No, if you are an Agent, there is no minimum order value for your customers. Your total order value for your Agency, needs to be at least £1,500. If you don’t want to become an Agent and just want to save for yourself, you can become an Individual Saver. The minimum order value for an Induvial Saver (just saving for yourself) is £500.

Can a customer amend their order, and how do I do that?

Yes, your customer can amend their order until the 1st October 2024. To change a customer’s order please complete a ‘Customer Amendment Form’ with the order change required and post this to us, or you can complete this online in your Agents section. Alternatively you can telephone or email us with the customer’s name and details of the change of order.

I’m having trouble with one of my customers, what can I do?

Please ring us on 01925 227774 or email us with the problem you are experiencing and one of our experienced helpful staff will be able to advise the best solution to the problem.

I’ve forgotten my Pin Number to login online, what can I do?

Please ring us on 01925 227774 or email us. A Pin Number will be sent to you in the post or via email.

I have moved address or changed my name, how do I inform you?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, we require all changes of personal information, including change of name and change of address, to be notified to us in writing, and for this notification to be signed to confirm the details. You can use one of our Freepost envelopes to do this, or you could write on a piece of paper, sign it, take a photo, then email the photo to us.

I’m a customer and am having trouble with my Agent, what can I do?

Please telephone or email us with the problem you are experiencing and one of our experienced helpful staff will be able to advise the best solution to the problem.

Can I order online?

If you wish to become an Agent (help others save) you will need to request a FREE Agents Pack first, before you can place your order and your customers orders online. Once you receive your pack, you will be able to visit www.varietychristmasclub.co.uk/newagentform to set up your Agency.

If you just want to become an Individual Saver (just save for yourself) you can place your order online by clicking here> Become an Individual Saver | Variety Christmas Savings Club (varietychristmasclub.co.uk)

How do I make payments towards my Agency?

There are many ways that you can make payments towards your Agency, including… at a Post Office, Bank or Paypoint outlet; with a debit card either online or over the telephone; by sending cheques, and by Standing Order. All of these methods will be explained in more detail when you receive your Agency Payment Book.

Can I, or my customers, set up a Direct Debit to pay the account?

We can set up a Standing Order for you to make weekly or monthly payments for your whole Agency. Unfortunately we cannot accept Standing Order payments from your individual customers, or to pay individual accounts. If your customers wish to make payments by this method then we suggest they make the payment into your bank account, and you then send that to us using one of the other payment methods we have.

I have made a payment but it isn’t showing on my Agency statement?

This can usually be easily resolved. Please telephone our office and one of our helpful staff will be able to go through your statement with you to resolve the missing payment. We may need to ask you questions about how and when you made the payment so please have these details with you when you ring.

I’ve lost my Agency Payment Book.

This is not a problem as we can easily request a new Payment Book to be printed for you. However it does take up to 14 days for this to be printed, so if you wish to make a payment while you are waiting for your Payment Book to arrive then you can make a payment with a debit card either online or via telephone.

How will I know how much commission I have earned?

Your commission figure is printed on your Agency statement. The commission is calculated on a final account status and will therefore change if there are any amendments to the orders. The commission figure is based on the rates as published at the time and is subject to our terms (please see Commission Rates | Variety Christmas Savings Club for the current commission rates and terms).

How do I receive my commission?

There are three ways you can receive your commission:

  • You can deduct your commission amount from the final payment you make on your Agency, and just send in the difference. For example, if your commission is £40, and your final payment to settle your Agency is £100… then you just need to send us a final payment of £60. Our computer systems will know you have used this method.
  • You can settle your Agency in full and then a cheque will be issued to you in late November to the value of your commission.
  • Y ou can add gift cards or vouchers to your own order for the value of your commission (to the nearest £5). If you would like to do this then we would need to know in advance so we can add the additional order to your own account for when the gift cards and vouchers are despatched. Please telephone our office if you wish to do this.

When are the gift cards and vouchers that I have ordered sent out?

We start despatching our Agents parcels containing all your customers’ gift cards and vouchers from October 11th. This is only done when your Agency is settled. (Individual Savers who save with us direct also receive their orders from this date).

Which Gift Cards and Vouchers do you do?

We offer the biggest and best range of Gift Cards and Vouchers. We are the only Christmas Savings Club to offer Smyths Toys, One4all and Morrisons gift cards. We also have Asda, Love2shop, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, JD Sports, M & S, Sports Direct, ASOS, The Entertainer, and many more.

Can I arrange for my customers to receive their gift cards and vouchers direct?

Unfortunately not. We package the gift cards and vouchers for the whole Agency and send these to the Agent to distribute to their customers.

How are the gift cards and vouchers sent to me?

We use Royal Mails Special Delivery Service to despatch all our Agents packages. This method is very secure, reliable and is insured should there be any issues. A signature will be required to receive the package from the Royal Mail post-person. If no-one is available at the delivery address to sign for the package, then a ‘missed delivery’ card will left by the post-person with instructions on how to arrange redelivery or where to pick the package up from (ID will be required).

Can I arrange for the gift cards and vouchers to be delivered to a different address?

Yes you can. However, for security reasons we would need advance notification of this in writing, and also confirmed with the Agents signature to verify that the change of delivery address is genuine.

I have received my Love2shop gift vouchers but have torn them out of the booklets in the wrong place. Can anything be done?

Yes these can be replaced for you if you still have both sections of the voucher(s). Please telephone our office for instructions on how to return these to us for replacement.

Can the gift cards be spent online?

That is dependent on the individual retailer, some can and some cannot. Please refer to the gift card and voucher sectionon this website for details about each individual gift card to see where and how it can be redeemed.