Mum-of-4 Anita Eccleston from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire loves being an Agent.

She says: “I love saving with Variety because it gives me and my customers a chance to budget all year round for the following Christmas, taking away some of the pressure of having money to spend on presents at Christmas.”

She has been an Agent for two years and she thinks the best thing about being an Agent is “making other people happy when you deliver their vouchers, I love being able to help other people save.”

There is no minimum amount of customers that you need to be a Variety Agent, you just need a total order value of £1,500. This might sound like a lot initially, but you’ll probably find that by the time you’ve ordered for yourself, you’ll only need one or two customers to order to reach £1,500. The larger your order, the more commission you will earn, so it’s worth asking your family members, friends and work colleagues if they want to save with you. You can even ask family members who live in the same house as you!

Lots of choice

When you save with Variety, you have lots of gift cards and vouchers to choose from. We have the biggest and best range of any Christmas Savings Club.

Anita’s top three are: “Asda (Christmas food shop), Primark (everyone loves Christmas pjs) and Smyths (sorts the kids out some of their presents).”

Anita loves Christmas and finds saving with Variety makes it stress free. “Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. I love being able to all get together exchanging gifts, eating lovely Christmas dinner and watching the kids all excited and happy.”

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