In 2021, more Agents than ever before joined Variety and we are expecting even more to join us for Christmas 2022. It is fantastic that so many people are wanting to save for Christmas and help their friends and family do the same by becoming Agents. Some Agents had saved with other Christmas Savings Clubs in the past but decided to switch to us…

“I changed from another company I was with for many years, Variety offer a lot more choice especially with supermarkets. Also, Variety are great as they keep track of payments and I love that you can pay each person’s account separately. I am so happy I made the change and my customers seem happy with the amount of choices you do.” Gemma Webb from Plymouth

“For Christmas 2021, I started to do Variety as well as another Christmas Savings Club. Variety is really easy to keep track of everything and the commission works out better too. I’ve decided not to do the other Christmas Savings Club for Christmas 2022 and solely do Variety. At first I found it slightly confusing because everything was so different but now I MUCH prefer the way everything is done with Variety.” Michele Swindell from Manchester

“I had been a Park Agent for about 30 years but now most of my customers including myself like to order from yourselves as you have better variety of vouchers. I love my Amazon Gift Cards. I also get the Asda ones which you don’t have to get alongside Love2shop and can choose how many you want. I’ve been an Agent with you guys quite a few years now and my orders have increased. The gift cards come quick once fully paid too. Thank you, you make my life and my customers’ lives easier. I feel like Santa when I hand them out every year, I love it!” Mandy Bolton from Preston