We can’t believe it’s June already, this year is flying by. We hope you’ve been enjoying running your Variety agency so far.

We always love chatting to our agents over the phone and a few people have been asking whether it’s too late to place an order. The answer is no, it’s not. There are still 20 weeks of saving to go before the 1st November.

A little goes a long way

If you have a friend or family member who expressed an interest in saving with you for this Christmas but for whatever reason, didn’t fill out an order form, why not give them a nudge? If you don’t, they’ll be left feeling like they’ve missed out when you hand out your gift cards and vouchers in November. You’ll also benefit as you’ll receive more commission.

If they set a savings goal of £300, for instance, it will only cost them £15 a week or £60 a month. If money is tight and they can’t afford to save much, perhaps they could aim for £100 as it would only be £5 a week or £20 a month.

Give them advice

Sometimes having a lot of choice can be overwhelming and if you share your recommendations, you might help your customers place their orders quicker.

Our most popular voucher is the Love2shop voucher which can be spent in over 150 top brands, so this can give lots of options when buying Christmas presents. A supermarket gift card (for Asda, Morrisons, Tesco or Sainbury’s) is ideal for buying all the Christmas food and drink they need.

If they have children (or grandchildren) you might want to recommend an Entertainer gift card and Amazon gift cards are popular with everyone as they sell pretty much everything you can think of.

[Click here to view our full gift card and voucher range]

Three other ways to boost your commission

  1. Consider asking your customers who are on track with their payments if they would like to increase their orders. Perhaps they might want an extra gift card to treat themselves?
  2. You could ask your neighbours and work colleagues if they would be interested in saving with you. Even if they only place a small order this year, they’ll get to experience how it feels to budget with Variety and they could place an even bigger order next year.
  3. Sometimes it can be worth approaching someone who initially wasn’t interested in saving and see if they’ve changed their mind. For £5 a week they could have £100 to spend come November.

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