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How do I run an Agency?

You can get started in 3 simple steps!

Click here to request your FREE easy to use Agents Quick Start Pack. Once you receive this pack you will find everything you need to start your successful Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency. Enclosed will be the new, easy to understand order forms, Brochures, a helpful guide to running your Agency, and a commission rates chart. Remember:

  • You have up to 44 Weeks to save (ease the expense of Christmas)
  • There is a choice of 16 different vouchers (including Supermarkets)
  • Vouchers do offer 100% value for money (no hidden charges or additional fees!)
  • Easy Weekly or Monthly savings plans to help you plan in advance

Here are your 3 simple steps to running your own successful Agency.

Step 1 – Visit your family and friends and tell them about the benefits of saving with Variety and getting organised for a debt free Christmas in 2015.

Step 2 – Show them the Voucher Brochure and help them select the vouchers that are best for them. Then ask them to complete the Customer Order Form and choose their payment option.

Step 3 – Post the Customer Order Forms to us in the FREEPOST envelope provided in your Agents Quick Start Pack..

Once we receive your first orders, we will register you as an Agent and send you an ‘Agency Wallet’. This will contain your ‘Agency Number’, your own unique ‘Pin Number’ for viewing your Agency online, your customer’s payment cards, your Agency ledger, and a payment book, all ready for you to run your successful Variety Christmas Savings Club Agency.

However, should you require any help or advice in starting your Agency, or, if you wish to discuss any questions you may have, then please remember, our own helpful staff are only a telephone call away -

0800 62 68 76


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